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posted at 18/09/21 02:28
Оп͎ер͎а̳ция за̷в̳е̲р̷ше̾на̲

Оп͎ер͎а̳ция за̷в̳е̲р̷ше̾на̲

posted at 02/02/21 14:47

Please send me the unprotected dota any must dota maps please

Onegaishimasu arigato!

posted at 22/02/20 18:34


posted at 17/08/17 15:17


posted at 22/07/16 21:55
Alexandru Moisa

not working. Player slots not showing up... ! .... tried different patches ... nothing.. help!

posted at 28/11/15 05:05


posted at 28/11/15 05:03

<!DOCTYPE html>

posted at 08/06/13 10:59

Bluetime open you ever say to his map.

posted at 08/06/13 10:56

The trigger function code I do not understand how so it would be easy to trigger,, nothing else to convert to text code ...
for which I make no dota ai map, nakakaasar needy world to repeatedly edit because I do, but I was still trying to just make a dota ai map would also teach me by JASS ^

posted at 18/05/13 09:27
Official Dota

based on the JASS script, i wishing for any member of Dota official exchange it from a simple to know. Make any programms that easy to create a trigger example: to make any ability, just add new function like fly without using crow from.

posted at 09/02/13 11:29

i need 6.77b dota cheat map

posted at 29/01/13 18:13

wew this sucks men, i cant create a good map by this nonsense,, its just i cant understand

posted at 28/01/13 19:27

The project is closed and nobody interested in opening DotA anymore.
Проект закрыт и открытие DotA больше никому не интересно.

- ScorpioT1000, XGM administration official.

posted at 20/01/13 18:13

Hello, i hope you guys still working here..
Want to see a new release from you guys, and i hope is compatible with Warcraft 3 new version
Thx ^^

posted at 27/12/12 02:56

Терзают мысли на безответное сообщение но всё же.
Проблема в навыке скорпиона Sand Storm.
Качал с разных сайтов - всё багнутое.
В открытой доте всё в джазе я больше триггеры.
Могу предложить не больше 150 рублей.
Жду ваш ответ по почте и скайпу.

posted at 27/12/12 02:45

не уверен что вы русскоязычный человек но всё же я останусь при своём.
Проблема заключается в навыке Сэнд Кинга.
А точнее в его Sand Storm е.
Ответте пожалуйста, он был сделан в триггерах?
Если нет то я предлагаю вам сделать для меня отдельно этот навык без багов и глюков.
Конечно я готов заплатить вам деньги.
Мой скайп takito26

posted at 13/10/12 12:10

DotA 6.74c
I open this by Jassnewwgen
But error :Unit data is missing or invaid!!

posted at 29/09/12 13:51

Deprotect the DOTA version 6.70

posted at 18/09/12 20:02

I CAn't play that map

posted at 11/09/12 09:02

There is a Script error so please not use the JASS

posted at 05/09/12 08:36

english version of 6.74c please

posted at 05/09/12 08:19

are you gonna update with version 6.74c?

posted at 02/04/12 18:37

please visit
if you wanna know HOW TO do something in warcraft 3
(russian only)

posted at 05/03/12 10:49

dota 6.73c plss...

posted at 26/01/12 00:24

how to make 6v6 dota map

posted at 14/01/12 13:07

can someone how to open Bleach vs Onpiece in World editor ???

posted at 11/01/12 11:01

I learn to kill

posted at 04/12/11 18:33

Anybody wants to learn how to deprotect maps?ok,let's sign up there :

posted at 04/11/11 06:20

<a href="">&#21271;&#20140;&#20013;&#21307;&#38498;&#32819;&#40763;&#21897;&#31185;</a>
<a href="">&#21271;&#20140;&#22825;&#23433;&#32819;&#40763;&#21897;&#21307;&#38498;&#22909;&#21527;</a>
<a href="">&#21271;&#20140;&#40763;&#31398;&#28814;&#30340;&#20013;&#21307;&#27835;&#30103;</a>
<a href="">&#21271;&#20140;&#40763;&#24687;&#32905;&#25163;&#26415;</a>
<a href="">&#21271;&#20140;&#22825;&#23433;&#27835;&#30103;&#33806;&#32553;&#24615;&#40763;&#28814;</a>
<a href="">&#21271;&#20140;&#27835;&#30103;&#32933;&#21402;&#24615;&#40763;&#28814;&#30340;&#21307;&#38498;</a>
<a href="">&#22914;&#20309;&#27835;&#30103;&#27969;&#40763;&#34880;</a>

posted at 29/10/11 11:00

maybe if you can fix those vJass triggers, when I save the map I recieve multiple errors :)

posted at 11/09/11 13:53

Can someone tell me where I can get a unprotected version of DoTA. I need to learn badly.

posted at 18/08/11 06:25

Can u guide how to open a dota map by english

posted at 02/08/11 16:02

can i have a deprotected map of dota 6.71?

I'm a newbie, and i just want to know how to make the spells there.. help me!

posted at 13/07/11 16:10

thank you

posted at 29/06/11 09:32

Здравствуйте. Кто может взломать Арена карту жизни? Плз

posted at 29/06/11 09:31

Hello. Who can crack the map Life Arena? Pls

posted at 02/06/11 11:48

@05/04/11 Who's the author of this website?

@Keen on You will see DotA 6.71b deprotected (registration required there to download).

posted at 04/05/11 14:15

Thanks fot this =))
Can you send me an openable Dota AI map??
I wont steal it! I'll just use it to study how to make AI's.. I want to learn more how to make skills, and LEAK FREE triggers.

posted at 05/04/11 19:56

I nicely Announce, that The Author of the website Is Dead!

posted at 02/03/11 17:53

I'm still looking for a 6.71b opened version of DotA.

posted at 06/02/11 05:27

can anyone deprotect v6.70 map???

posted at 24/01/11 17:32

DotA 6.71 plz xd

posted at 09/11/10 20:58

o.o why cant i look at newgen pls.

posted at 03/11/10 23:24

Давайте беритесь за 6.6х версии

Вроде можете, когда захотите)

posted at 31/10/10 15:24


posted at 30/10/10 13:16

please unlock 6.69b or 6.68c

posted at 22/10/10 07:18


posted at 17/10/10 09:23

Very good,but it seams no longer update.

posted at 01/10/10 15:48

deprotect 668c please

posted at 16/09/10 02:07

hola guachos

posted at 05/09/10 14:43

> Rofl dead site is dead
^ subdomain

posted at 25/08/10 11:38

Take some time and register on

we can provide you deprotected dota

posted at 22/08/10 09:15
help unprotect :((

posted at 23/07/10 09:44

Rofl dead site is dead

posted at 19/07/10 15:30

Oxo,site is not dead, this _project_ is dead)

posted at 18/07/10 16:37

dotanub, you really nub, because it very good job. stfu

posted at 25/06/10 06:30

@dotanub dude you are the fail son of a bitch that fkn fails. How did you end up on this website? oh yeah, you wanted to open dota. Also, you say ppl has no skills cuz they cant open dota? well you couldnt either, so you looked for a way and you ended up here. QQ you fail

posted at 06/06/10 00:14

HAHA @ all these desperate kids trying to open dota. no skill in the game, no skill to open it neither. your life SUCKS lol go find a reason to move on in this world

posted at 06/04/10 08:40

soft unlock dota ?

posted at 20/02/10 08:23

does anyone has a tool to deprotect dota maps
or any dota maps that can be open in World Editor
plzzzzz need help

posted at 13/02/10 10:49


posted at 03/02/10 14:25

This site is dead. Author is gone too. What the fuck?

posted at 03/02/10 00:56

The last update is 2007.

You can pretty much consider this a dead site.

posted at 30/01/10 08:58


posted at 13/01/10 14:21

Any ideas where to get fully recoverd Abilities for Dota 6.32 or after been searching for days now but no one has abilities restored.

posted at 29/12/09 22:59

Hello people. For deprotected and cheated maps, visit and get the latest updates for any map.

posted at 25/12/09 13:36

can you give 665 or 664 ^.^ please dont upload the files to rapidshare

posted at 22/11/09 12:41

anyone has deprotected with recovered objects DotA 6.64?

posted at 21/11/09 19:02

PeGaSuS, could you please reupload those two deprotected DotA's to a better file sharing site - such as The links no longer work.

posted at 19/11/09 04:49

Humbug, the limit exceeded for the deprotected/recovered DotA map.

posted at 17/11/09 06:01

Hi, i will make it short... i have unprotected "Pudge Wars" with xdep...
but there is just one trigger wnere all in it.
So can you unprotect this map as same as you done with dota? (organized

You can find the map here:

If not, then not... just wanna ask you.

posted at 04/11/09 17:11

Just head to and download the latest deprotected map.

posted at 02/11/09 03:41

mga putangina kayo

posted at 24/10/09 01:28

Hmm I must see the map.
You can post the map link which you wanna deprotected.
i will try it.

posted at 20/10/09 10:27

the dota map can open fine lol... and as for the codes... its readable if you really try. Its just that the names of the triggers arnt there,

Pegasus,, could u recover the imported objects for bleach vs one piece maps?

posted at 16/10/09 15:41

Guys just wait for open it will ne shown.I said before it takes long time to open.

Yes script is so complicated Icefrog uses some tricky methods in script It seems its too hard to take hardcoded spell but its possible...

posted at 13/10/09 05:29

PeGaSuS , the Jass NewGen World Editor canґt open the Deprotected_6.63 map , it just freezes and nothing happens....

any clue?

posted at 12/10/09 01:57

i didnt get anything from the complcited codes O_O

posted at 10/10/09 10:19

mga gago!

posted at 03/10/09 19:00

For the guys who cant open map properly;

Please download Jass NewGen World Editor from here:
Original Warcraft III Worldeditor cant open map. Use 1.24b Patch and use worldeditor from given link..


posted at 24/09/09 16:52

I downloaded Pegasus maps but when i open them the world editor come with an error: Not enough storage to open this command. whats going on plz help me.

posted at 21/09/09 23:26

WoW thanks PeGaSuS that maps were really deprotected with all object data. Hmm But i must wait too tooks nearly 7-8 min for me :D

posted at 21/09/09 20:05

pegasus links dont work O_O

posted at 20/09/09 08:50

i want Dota allstars 6.62 AI map plz some one help me Deprotect it !

posted at 19/09/09 22:24

Hello have anyone Dota allstars 6.62 or maybe 6.63 deprotected with all units and object data recovered? I really need this map. Thanks!

posted at 17/09/09 12:29

Guys here deprotected maps for u..

posted at 10/09/09 13:18

Did the 6.6x unprotected?

posted at 06/09/09 05:28

update to 6.60 or moore please

posted at 28/08/09 18:52

Any deprotection request here u can write here I can deprotect it for you?

Plz give the link of map.

posted at 27/08/09 17:25

Hi. I would like that someone deprotect the dota 6v6 and 6.59 awesome for me. Thanks.

posted at 22/08/09 17:18

unprotect the last dota plz im interested for the hero "tauren chieften"

posted at 15/08/09 06:28

Oh, you guys deprotect stuff?

Would you be so kind and deprotect a old classic map "Master Crafters Final Conquest 5.5c.w3x"

It's not the map itself that i'm interested in, rather the code. I'm curious how they did it.

With some work i can improve it as the original creator seems to have lost interest in working with it anymore.

If an actuall deprotected version already exists, a link would be most appreciated.

posted at 14/08/09 13:20

Is the project resuming?
Can you deprotecting 6.6x versions?
And a question;
I copy listfile of the map in xdep folder
Change mymap.w3x name,
Xdep finishes succesfully after that
I cant recover object data,
I start silkobject it stops at war3mapsunit.doo,
How can I fix that Can you tell me usage of silk object optimizer.
Thanks for helps!

posted at 02/08/09 18:08

hi can anyone obtain the new object files for dota o.o not the trigger one

posted at 29/07/09 18:59

If you are looking for deprotected map visit

posted at 10/07/09 11:04

can some one open dota 6.61 map and send it to my e-mail thnx

posted at 29/06/09 21:27

I downloaded opened dota but when I make a new ability and add it to a new Hero warcraft crushes after the loading time. Can anyone tell me why?? Plz help me out...

posted at 09/05/09 19:59
Please deprotect this and send me map to email

posted at 30/03/09 01:20

Please Deprotect me Key To Life.

Thanks Wary Much!!!

posted at 24/03/09 09:25
Very useful files search engine. is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites.

posted at 28/02/09 17:23

Hi, can anyone plx unprotect Warlock. I failed..


posted at 19/02/09 23:32


posted at 21/01/09 15:44

The DotA maps are half corrupted and non-editable at most objects.

posted at 15/01/09 19:24

Does anyone have a finishe mod Dota map?
You know, like DOTA frenzy or dota TD, or DOTA AoS ?

posted at 10/01/09 21:24

Hi, please desprotect could this map?


posted at 30/12/08 07:31

i think this dude has an unprotected map, theres 2 vers i dunno which one is unprotected

posted at 27/12/08 18:38

does dota still use handle vars in 6.56? i just wanted to know that. but i cant open the map =(

posted at 24/12/08 03:22
Cody Mic Mapper

hi there!

posted at 21/12/08 20:21

Let me share my experience.

why do we need skill to deprotect?

1 - when u need to know the detail of a triggerskill, in order to train your dota team. Iceforg change his code string to 10IO, and handle to become inetger. It actually don't hurt.

2 - when u need to know the information of netrual creep spawn, the landscape, object detail, u still need to hack to inside.

3 - when u find that the map play slower and slower, and screwed up, sometime u are mad.

4 - best wishes is to inject all hero into hero arena, or footmen frenzy, however once u start injection, u find out those bad jass coding. Every 1 skill u injected, then u will try to fix, eg: so u don't want to see zeus lead to memory leak and loading spike per casting his skill ... you will somehow stopped... (its such an old game, and blizzard future aren't good ...)

my step to restore DOTA
1 - rebuild listfile from default list, slk, jass, reference of model

2 - fix w3i

3 - fix w3c, w3r, doo from jass As Ascii, then convert to binary

4 - place dummy w3g, wct, wts

5 - rebuild w3x without all texture, sound, etc

6 - create a new folder of warcraft3, and then put all other dota resources into it

7 - now I have a non-playable but editable map, with a war3map.j edit with UltraEdit.

8 - wigetizer do not work with skill more than 4 level (error), and dewigetizer make your loading slow. Here is the choice. I choose to rebuild the skill index/description in slk, pulling all hero(unit) with its ability and jass into group. The work load is like 10k lines of work per file.

9 - here choices come, what do u do with all the resources? if u have no reason, u will stopped here. I stopped, 2 years ago. Yes DOTA is deprotectable but without a reason, none will create new thing.

I amm looking forward to hear "someone";s experience.

posted at 13/12/08 14:13

Hi !
Thank you for your map which helps me a lot !
But it needs approximatly 6 minutes to open... Because of all triggers and units.
Can you upload the map, but only with the "field", no triggers, no units. I can't remove these myself because it needs also 10 seconds to erase 1 unit (and there are at least 200 units !).

Thank you again !

posted at 12/12/08 14:24

why the trigger from dota 6.56 that u recovred looks odd??
i's different from blizzard made...

posted at 06/12/08 17:59

Hello, may I ask if it is good that someone has a map Dota Allstars AI that is editable?


PD: I'm speak Spanish, sorry for my english

posted at 02/12/08 20:25

haha, i like how this guy was trying code injection.

posted at 28/11/08 16:23

could you give me source of trigger for dota allstar with AI comp....

posted at 25/11/08 10:33


posted at 23/11/08 15:12

Hier you can download the Ai maps

posted at 23/11/08 15:09

can someone deprotect DotA v6.56 AI plus 1.52?

posted at 20/11/08 19:15

Do you have DOTA AI Maps open?

posted at 18/11/08 14:13

oo nice macraft~

posted at 18/11/08 01:38

Here is the first guest again, that was serious, I need it and its really a torture = )..

posted at 17/11/08 19:33

:p for the first guest.
For the second guest, change the official map link? XDXDXDXD

posted at 17/11/08 04:54

Hey change the official map link to please.

posted at 16/11/08 16:24

Dont torture us mAcrAFt =)

posted at 16/11/08 15:48

HI, i have restores DotA allstars 6.57.
I upload this map unprotected if someone can creat for me an account for AION for BETA TEST KOREA PUBLIC :):):)

e-mail :

posted at 13/11/08 16:08

hi could you plss give me some link or map for unprotected 6.48 or 6.52e map plss really nid it!eheh

posted at 04/11/08 01:21

Ah I dont need to save it as I only want to learn from it, pls upload Oh godly mathcraft : O

posted at 03/11/08 18:19

Hey hey ! First , thx for your comment on wikipedia :).
Secondly, DotA allstars 6.56 is full recovered by me.
All triggers are restored, but there are some bug of the map when i try to save.
I will work some time for fix all bug...
Wait ...

posted at 02/11/08 19:45
Looking forward too

6.56 unprotected**

posted at 02/11/08 19:41
Looking forward too

can anyone send me the 6.56 by E-mail?
i cant D/L at megaupload & rapidshare.


posted at 02/11/08 06:20

posted at 30/10/08 21:42

i work on AI map =) wait few time!
mAcrAft ( Map garena exp hacked :

posted at 30/10/08 15:54

Anyone has something like this:
1. DotA (as new as possible)
2. With AI
3. Unprotected

Please kindly email it to me:
stupidcrazyguy *at*

posted at 29/10/08 18:50

what did it say in that progress bar?

for me it took around 3 minutes to load the map.

posted at 29/10/08 16:30

hey...i opened the w3x file with world editor and after a while it said some shit in a progress bar, i pressed enter (continue) and the progress bar closed...i have been waiting for 10 mins now and the editor just wont open...i cannot even see the progress of opening the terrain and shit...i dont know how much time it need to open...any1 knows the estimated time (my pc is good, am not used to slow loadings like this)

posted at 26/10/08 05:16

yeahЈЎthe Dota is a good gameЈЎ

posted at 25/10/08 15:19

its so damn long to load in world editor...
did anyone manage to open it?....

posted at 25/10/08 00:27

gj, keep up the good work mAcrAFt : )

thanks for your efforts

posted at 24/10/08 18:02

"editor crashes and I have to reload it all.."
No crash wait long time^^sry, i work on the full and normal jass file and i work too for restore all triggers(very hard).
Yes hero abilities missing i cant restore that(i try)


posted at 24/10/08 18:00

"editor crashes and I have to reload it all.."
No crash wait long time^^sry, i work on the full and normal jass file and i work too for restore all triggers(very hard).
Yes hero abilities missing i cant restore that(i try)

posted at 24/10/08 09:39

Takes a long time to load due to the size of the object data and also due to the fact of the WTS file not being inlined.

posted at 24/10/08 01:17

hm.. on the second look its somehow strange.. some triggers are strange and the hero abilities are missing..

posted at 24/10/08 01:03

Ah and two more things..

its takes somehow ages to load (which is not really so important) but, when I try to look at some triggers which are disabled, editor crashes and I have to reload it all..

posted at 24/10/08 00:43

WTF how you restored that all to GUI, though it looks cool : ).

can you also make a version with just normal JASS?
(so without those IOllII things)

Still great job !

posted at 23/10/08 22:05

DotA allstars 6.56 deprotected by me ! :)
Go DL!!

Deprotected and editable!(u can now creat new hero...)

Update: Now, you can see all triggers(not in a note[init])...

Link :

posted at 23/10/08 19:51


DotA allstars 6.56 deprotected by me ! :)
Go DL!!

Deprotected and editable!(u can now creat new hero...)

Double Post :O

posted at 23/10/08 19:49

Link: [url][/url]/fr/?d=P3ETS2RG

DotA allstars 6.56 deprotected by me ! :)
Go DL!!

Deprotected and editable!(u can now creat new hero...)

posted at 12/10/08 08:30

hey you guys should work with this guy:

he has some page where hes also trying to make dota open source:

posted at 11/10/08 05:52

very good!

posted at 07/10/08 12:53

Nooo, we want 6.55 : D : D

posted at 06/10/08 21:29

No islandtroll tribes, we want dota!!! : )

posted at 05/10/08 20:52

hey can someone deprotect islandtroll tribes?

posted at 04/10/08 17:24

me wan hack old versioan dota allstars maps but not new because im fixed the new one protection

posted at 30/09/08 04:10

Although I love you for making a new version, I agree with mizeriq 6.55 would rock even more.

posted at 24/09/08 10:40

So next unprotected map will be 6.54b? Some bad luck with timing, since 6.55 has lots of major changes and is coming soon.

Anyway, what I wanted to suggest is posting your tools for download and detailed tutorials in English about unprotecting the map with them. This way volunteers could unprotect every version, instead of having to do it yourself and having just 1 map every 15 versions unprotected.

posted at 20/09/08 04:10

hey guys,... would you want me to make a separate website just for DotA Deprotection?... a forum or something/..

posted at 14/09/08 03:49

Comming Soon

posted at 13/09/08 18:20


posted at 12/09/08 08:07


posted at 08/09/08 19:36

err, we use 3 different tools for common deprotection + about 15 scripts to recover trigger data

posted at 04/09/08 11:15

hey guys i know im a total noob here but how do you deprotect a map? is it a program or do you have to hack (not really good at that)

posted at 02/09/08 18:12

Hi to all visitors, i'm sorry for long time project has been frozen. I'm glad to tell u i'm currently working on latest Dota Allstars map recovery. It was succesfully done with object data, now it's time for triggers & layers.
Stay tuned for future updates.

posted at 22/08/08 15:05

I want to learn

posted at 12/08/08 03:10

Is there no way for a noob like me to open a deprotected version of dota - any version, just not too old - and then be able to save it afterwards.. I can open the deprotected versions in WE, but i cant save them even though i didn't make changes. Is it impossible to save your edited version in WE??

posted at 24/07/08 19:15

Can u deprotect the map and send it to me i will make a new excelent hero..

posted at 20/07/08 07:17

deprotect this map (save triger)

posted at 13/07/08 18:14

Is there any jass coders willing to do a 6v6 dota ?

posted at 13/07/08 09:20

can you deprotect map Dday (158F--->19.9) but don't lost triger (sorry with by poor english)

posted at 19/06/08 16:51

Can you upload a link to DotA 6.51 AI 1.52 plus Deprotected and objects recovered? Thanks alot.

I need this

posted at 11/06/08 19:04


posted at 29/05/08 15:23

Since I can not read russian forums and there was no response of a staff member for a long time here and as we know the newest version is 6.41 I assume this project is dead.

posted at 28/05/08 13:38

maybe add the creepstatistic into the multiboard?

posted at 06/05/08 06:04

That's great but i want to know if there is a newer relase on x-dep ? I have got the version xdep-20061002

posted at 03/05/08 16:26

Can anybody tell me how to use MPQMaster.

posted at 26/04/08 20:09

is this project dead??

posted at 24/04/08 14:01
duong dung

Can you upload a link to DotA 6.51 AI 1.52 plus Deprotected and objects recovered? Thanks alot.

posted at 16/04/08 07:22


posted at 07/04/08 20:14


posted at 07/04/08 04:17

Is there any jass coders willing to do a 6v6 dota ?

posted at 06/04/08 08:49

Can anyone help me? Im trying to deprotect this map called "The Predetaor" I wanna see how the JASS works on this skill one guy has. The warmap3.j file is hidden, can anyone help me and tell me how to transfer it? If you can help please email me at


posted at 02/03/08 11:14
Deprotected man

Hmm. Who can deprotected not dota map =)

posted at 26/02/08 04:24

@ Hunk, as i said before, pay attention to what you edit in world editor, if you want only to modify custom objects then you can save with WE, if you modify more aspects of the map you have to do it outside WE, i hope this time you understand it better. ps: edit outside is editing j file directly in jasscraft.

posted at 25/02/08 21:52

hello ,can some1 help me whit some advices to unprotect a map i learned about mpq files and etc but still don't know how to .. the map is called afterlife and i know that the mpq heeader is resized but i dont know how to make it back to work pls some1 help me.. my mail here : thank you

posted at 24/02/08 22:32

Dear Knowledgable people of this board,

What accounts for a directly modified war3map.j (via an MPQ editor) to be considered 'corrupt' by the game client on selection?


posted at 24/02/08 20:06

Double post but yeah, you have to unbofuscate the code and replace the constant integers with their respective values in the J file.

posted at 24/02/08 20:04

I'm working on 6.48b, here are some screenshots (yes there is a typo):

posted at 24/02/08 00:25

how do i call functions that are located in the "core" trigger? do i just call them normally or is there something special that i have to initialize...
is this version playable?

posted at 23/02/08 08:21

@ Guest,

Forgive me but I am just a noob with no knowledge on Jass or whatsoever related. I only know how to use WE.

Since this doesn't take a genius to figure out, can you suggest any positive comment on how to overcome the prob?

I mean how to re-inject back the constant integers back to the file.

Or if possible, can you just upload a deprotected openable and saveable Dota?

Thanks anyway.


posted at 22/02/08 17:41

The reason it crashes is because there are constant integers defined in the J file and not in the custom triggers in the editor thus causing it to crash. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out...

posted at 21/02/08 12:52

Hi Cyberghoser1,

I tried. Still crashes.

What I did:-

1. Install Jassnewgen.
2. Open NewGen WE.exe.
3. A window pop up, I had to locate World Editor for Warcraft 3. (version 1.21, I am using win XP).
4. WorldEditor loads up with Jass new Gen additional Function.
5. I tried to save.
6. World Editor crashes, map are not saved.

Can you kindly helped me out on this let me know what I have done wrongly?

posted at 18/02/08 16:56

New version 6.50b is so much painful to play.....

I feel like degrading like going backward to 5.x series...

Any idea for what we can do?

posted at 17/02/08 15:03

sorry XGM about that i try to not make spaces when posting a link but sometimes it deforms :)

posted at 17/02/08 04:04

cyberghoser1 please make sure the link you post wont deform the whole page, thanks)

posted at 16/02/08 05:18

how to i UnProtected all of the map can u reply me at msn send me a msg thx

posted at 15/02/08 06:12

@Guest , Try to remove some optimizations and see if the map opens, i use to had same problems in the begining but i solved this like that, so try each time to remove one optimization and test map until you find which one is causing that ;)

posted at 15/02/08 06:09

@Hunk , Try to open deprotected maps with this editor -> it works nice!

posted at 14/02/08 20:12

Ok I am obviously a newbie here, but once i download an unprotected map, i can open and edit it up mpqmaster etc...

ok but these maps are too big to open for a lan game, and when i try to optimise them, they wont open... can anyone give me an idea on where to look so we can play them after they are edited...


posted at 14/02/08 07:35

there a good deprotected map at

posted at 13/02/08 14:21

Hi Cyberg,

Thank you so much. However, I face the below prob.

The map is loadable in WE, but when I want to save it, WE crashed (I did not do any changes to the map, simply open, then save).

Can you help me out on this? Thanks alot for your help.

posted at 12/02/08 14:18

Hi Cyberghoser,

Can you upload a link to DotA 6.48b AI + by RGB Deprotected and objects recovered? Thanks alot.

posted at 11/02/08 14:42

could anyone pls deprotect a 6.50b version and make it 6v6

posted at 06/02/08 17:54

Restored JASS Triggers to GUI you can always wait man there will not be for such long time, but you are free to try yourself, good luck, as you can see you have to learn jass for the moment

posted at 06/02/08 11:04

is there a restored triggers version of 6.49c available? im having trouble with the pure open objects ones and getting them to recompress for use in wc3

posted at 30/01/08 09:47

AI unprotected map is shared here, links:

DotA 6.43b AI+ by RGB:

@someone: will send you today ;-)

posted at 30/01/08 03:34

can someone send me a Dota A.I. map unprotected


posted at 30/01/08 03:31

can anyone send me an unprotected Dota with A.I.

posted at 29/01/08 16:21


posted at 26/01/08 17:49

cyberghoser1 sry to bother u again but can send me the map optimizer and 6.49c open objects? i dunno y my browser cannot enter rapidshare and megaupload....


posted at 26/01/08 13:15

Can i have the map plz

posted at 25/01/08 17:16

Thank you so much!

posted at 24/01/08 22:26

Glad to help ;-)

posted at 24/01/08 22:19

ty very much. i cant dl from rapidshare because of some ISP reasons.

posted at 24/01/08 22:01

here you go, 6.49c open objects mirror:

Both 6.32 and 6.41 open objects, are openable in WE, remember you can edit some aspects of map but not triggers in We, for triggers use mpq master to extract war3map.j file edit it in jasscraft then insert it again in map

posted at 24/01/08 13:59

i m able to save 6.32bopen and 6.41open when i open and save these files without editing in warcraft editor whereas i m unable to save the open projects maps even though i havent editted them.

posted at 24/01/08 11:14

can someone upload DotA Allstars v6.49c rec objc.w3x to megaupload? thx

posted at 22/01/08 06:03

This is DotA Allstars 6.49c with objects recovered



posted at 20/01/08 21:30

the link with dota 6.48b open objects dota is working and map is loading well in WE, also if a map takes long to load in game its because its not optimized, here take Vexorian's Map Optimizer 4.5, you will see your map reduced size and loading time improved a lot


posted at 18/01/08 03:24

Why the dota 6.32b with recovered object take SOOOO long to load? How can I speed that up?

That is a link bellow of dota 6.48b but it crashes when loading. Does anyone have a dota newer version with the recovered objects working?

posted at 15/01/08 17:17

lol ask permission to IceFrog, the latest map i shared here is 6.41 with all objects recovered + units, triggers are there but in jass, its not so hard to learn it, just try

posted at 14/01/08 03:06

So can anyone send me a dota with with all custom object and triggers recover

my email:
I mean like when I open it, theres triggers and object without do any of the j file or what so ever, I am so noob, lol

as recent version possible plz

posted at 13/01/08 19:10

some people asked for it: DotA Allstars 6.41 open objects,well the link is removed from here so i uploaded it



posted at 12/01/08 18:44

war3map.j file is a file where all the script is.all triggers functions must know jass to edit this file, and you can extract it win mpq master aswell

posted at 12/01/08 18:37

Wats j file?
again I am a total noob

posted at 11/01/08 14:55

@ Jimbo: Its normal, if you wanna see some of units placed on map use 6.41 opendota, all other are only custom objects recovered but you can save those maps in WE, triggers and scripts are in j file

@ somoene: Will send you today ;-)

posted at 10/01/08 17:39

cyberghoser1 can send me the deprotected map of 6.48b? my computer cannot enter rapidshare don't know y too..


posted at 10/01/08 00:05

Hum..I think I am a total noob, but
When I open the map, All i see is the terrain, and the string location, no triggers, no units no nothing, did I do something wrong?

posted at 09/01/08 22:02

So i can use the normal editor it came with WC and it would open?
I would love to learn how they did Pudges' hook and the dismember

posted at 08/01/08 19:11

This is DotA Allstars 648b with all objects recovered, enjoy (remember any trigger that you may want to edit, do it out of WE)


posted at 08/01/08 18:40

For those who want it DotA 6.43b AI + by RGB Deprotected and objects(most of them) recovered!



posted at 07/01/08 06:03

I wish to edit an unprotected 6.49b Dota to add 6v6. Thats the ONLY change I wish to make.

Please email the unprotected version at

posted at 06/01/08 19:20

Why should this project be dead ? version 6.41 is nice to work on

posted at 05/01/08 14:25

Is this project dead?

posted at 27/12/07 00:07

Can anyone deprotackt
DragonballZ Supreme RPG V1.3
and send to my mail THX

posted at 26/12/07 08:23

your contact email in not working can you give me another email address. I need MPQ recover anyone pls help

posted at 25/12/07 08:49

hi every one pls try this new map
we update 100% hack free

new map 650 beta4 with ai

posted at 22/12/07 21:03

I was wondering, could you guys do the same with an dota AI map? I'm very interested in AI's so plz deprotect the v6.43 AI...

posted at 22/12/07 03:02

Hi I'm working also working on OpenDota Project
I have unprotected 6.49b but I need some help on decrypting the triggers wct files could you give me ideas how to do it. my group also workin on Loading Screen for DOTA 2008 an open DOTA Project also we would like to do some mashups adding cool hero of DOTA extreme and balance it on dota 2008

pls email me at

Thanks and more prower to your group

posted at 06/12/07 19:39

i need 6.49b open version plz help meeeee
if you have this version
mail me

posted at 25/11/07 17:29

Sry i forgot to tell you my email adress :

posted at 25/11/07 17:27

Hi Guys,
Im searching for 6.49 deprotected, because I want to try the hidden frog quest ( Mini quest) without loosing much time. It would be awesome if someone could send it to me. Greetz

posted at 21/11/07 09:12

Hi All,

I remembered that there was a link to download
6.41 open dota with objejct recovered map. But this is no more found to be on the main page anymore.

Now only with 6.41 (fast loading).

Admin, would you kindly have that file (6.41 object recovered version)re-added back? Thanks alot for your help in advance.

posted at 19/11/07 14:52

Game Master here

posted at 19/11/07 10:55

d'oh premature, sorry - and both don't work - any thoughts where I can get vctools source code? got c++ knowledge.

as far as I know (and I have searched) wc3campaign is gone?
I got all excited at the mention of vctools and foolishly posted before checking it out... I think that before I find a way of decrypting w3a files I will have come up with a different approach to achieve what I am trying to.

posted at 19/11/07 10:31

Thanks SYSIU

you the man!

posted at 18/11/07 10:21

Man, we can't speak in russian, here is our heaven already. =\

posted at 18/11/07 10:20

>where can I get a batch conversion program to
>convert txt to w3a and vice versa? tried
> as SYSIU stated on 14/07/07...
>no luck though!

due some some reason, become ".net"

search vctools there, u will need some c++ knowledge to rewrite some code in order to correct some flaw inside the sources code.


posted at 14/11/07 14:54

where can I get a batch conversion program to convert txt to w3a and vice versa? tried as SYSIU stated on 14/07/07... no luck though!

posted at 11/11/07 18:47

someone send me 6.49b as well deprotected i wana try editing some heroes thx!!

posted at 11/11/07 18:45

well, if someone deprotected 6.49b, is it available somewhere to download?

since I always wanted to have deeper insight in the newer triggers..

posted at 10/11/07 21:46

hi please send me also the deprotected 6.49b map i will test some ai scripts on it thanks.

my email add:


posted at 09/11/07 11:12


posted at 09/11/07 03:41
Queen Vs Deep Purple

HI!!! I have deprotected 6.49b without lose anything
i am very happy now

posted at 09/11/07 03:35

Has anyone deprotected 6.49b dota??
Can i have it??

posted at 09/11/07 03:34

Can anybody open Dota 6.49b??

posted at 06/11/07 18:39

Hi all, if someone has a deprotected version of custom hero arena, can they send it to me or tell me where to download, because my friend wants to have a look at the triggers.

posted at 06/11/07 15:34

Hi folks! Well project is obviously not dead, since we still work on and all active project contributors can be found there, but currently we just dont have enough time to develop new opendota version. Stay tuned)
Meantime, check our another project - TcX

posted at 05/11/07 06:46

hey guyz,

ive deprotected 6.49b
but i got troubles with some icons can u help me with it??

posted at 04/11/07 18:55

nothing new i see..

posted at 31/10/07 06:49

I'm working hard on 6.48b, will/should be done in a few weeks.

posted at 26/10/07 14:19

6.49 came out and this is a nice time to make a new deprotected version :)

xXxSuperProxXx you have to use vexorian's map optimiser or it will load around 30-60 minutes :)

posted at 26/10/07 08:00

Hi GM or NETRAT aka NT,

I am new here and I see the current version we have is only for 6.41.

The latest stable map is 6.48 as of now. If it is not too much of trouble, would you have 6.43 and 6.48 deprotected map with recovered object updated as well?

I have a deprotected 6.49 map with me now. This is not released yet by Ice-Frog.

I can help to provide you the 6.49 deprotected map so that it is released in this page (this might be a unstable map since it is not officially released by Ice-Frog.)

Would you kindly have the map set up with a recovered object after u get the map? Thx alot.

Note: Though this is deprotected, but it is not Object Recovered Version.

I am working and my response will be slow on this. Thx.

posted at 14/10/07 05:17
Captain Obvious

@reiluke: Looks like it.

posted at 09/10/07 13:21

this project is dead?

posted at 08/10/07 22:16

Great Job dudes! Keep on Deprotecting newer versions:D

posted at 08/10/07 14:41

Hey GUYZ!!!

What version of DotA are you deprotecting?!?
I'm really excited about it!!!
When are you releasing it?!?!?!

posted at 07/10/07 11:01

I have some opened versions. But only one of them can be changed. I was create a hero and then add him to the tavern. But when i was click "TEST MAP" i was had so much lag. I was waiting for 10 minutes but nothing. Then i was restart my pc. When i was add the map without changes i was had the same lag. Can anyone tell me why?

posted at 07/10/07 10:56

!.! Dont look dont look !.!

posted at 04/10/07 09:20

Pls , i cant open any dota Ai maps not in local area network or custom game i double clickthe dota maps and they just go bac to the previous page,,WAT HAPPEN

posted at 03/10/07 15:38

Thanks so much for this. I've been looking for a deprotected version of dota for a bit so I can learn the triggers and such. :D

posted at 28/09/07 17:47

hi!, i'm trying to make your open dota map into 6v6 but i can't do it. can anyone make it 6v6? thanks

posted at 22/09/07 18:16

6.48b is now the new stable map, so a new version is probably far away, so would you deprotect it? I've had fun with the previous versions and I'm curious about the major recoding that's in the latest version. Can we get a definite answer will this version be unrotected or not?

posted at 15/09/07 07:51

im very impressed, how the hell did you recover function names/variables from war3map.j? it has been vexed, it would be a bang if you could let me/us know...

6.43b up dont have ai's, at least some of us can try creating one

thanks much!

posted at 15/09/07 01:54

i cant wait for a new open version 8) when is it to come?

posted at 12/09/07 02:52

You guys ever going to release a new version of XDeprotect? that was a good program!

posted at 10/09/07 11:15

Heh i cant get a real version of jass anywhere...the one from clan cbs only does spells and shit...-.-

posted at 08/09/07 20:19

Жду новых версий.

Сразу вопрос - 41 только в одном варианте - без восстановленных данных, а мои изыскания использующие описанные советы и утилиты не помогли - либо есть все юниты, декорации и прочее, но нет способностей, либо наоборот.

Также отмечу что в 32б ошибки вс спеллах пустышках (в частности в Марше машин Тинкера).

Для чего мне это надо? Учиться в коде мне, в принципе, нечему, но у меня была идея сделать этакую funny весию для близких друзей. Естественно с предупреждением кто сделал (фрог) кто восстановил (ваша группа) и что это несерьезная карта, и где взять серьезную в самом начале игры.

posted at 29/08/07 23:33

its very funny to use a deprotect map against friends...hahaha

posted at 28/08/07 18:45

Please make deprotecting an AI map your next major goal. We already have normal deprotected versions.

RGB's AI (v6.43b) is the best.

posted at 11/08/07 17:00

Will we get a new unprotected version soon? A lot of the map was rewritten for efficiency and I want to see what are the changes ;)

Sooner or later, you'll get it. Stay tuned ;)

posted at 26/07/07 20:12

Guys sorry for that question, but if someone can tell me how can i do my map load faster without use space in my map? Because my map is too big and i can't play it in Lokal Area Network / Online someone help me! E-Mail: Thanks!!!

Use the Force, Luke! Widgetizer & Wc3 Map Optimizer

posted at 17/07/07 01:33

Right now the only thing in dota that most mappers don't know how to make is the AI. Please deprotect an AI version.

Yep, AI is very nice, but it would be difficult to deprotect two Dota maps at the same time, so I don't think AI version will be deprotected in near future.

posted at 14/07/07 18:02

there's some useless junks(unused hero,item) in those custom data set inside the map.

any chance to remove them all?

so far, i had tried to do this, keep the human presant, and then,
read through the jass(to see which unit(item) is used)
then read through unit data(to see what abilities it needed)
and then, read through abilities(to see which buff it need)

hella, some abilities link back to summoned unit =_=

Don't really think that it's possible to remove more object data during map optimization. There are a lot of objects which are some kind of reserved, in this case they can't be deleted, just optimized. Just look into widgetizer INI file, they are already implemented.

posted at 14/07/07 17:57


there are tool to do batch convertion at site.
eg, txt to any w3r, w3c, w3a, w3u, doo, etc.
only the w3u parts is borken, u need to rewrite it.

it don't need 2 day until u reach the jass parts...
the jass are in mess =_=

posted at 08/07/07 06:39

Thank you so much! I can finally make an easy mode on my hero arena map that me and my friends play!

posted at 05/07/07 13:14

Well I want to recover the regions as found in the J file, but copying and pasting them into the editor by hand takes forever. There is like 160 or more, and since each coordinate has 4 points, I would have to copy and paste around 640 times just to recover those regions...

posted at 05/07/07 03:49

Yes, it will load faster if you widgetize it.

There is no other way than to rename functions by hand.

Why do you need to convert decimal number to a floating point? Regions are stored in the war3map.j file and the coordinates already are floating pointer (real variables in Jass).

posted at 04/07/07 10:11

Hey I know you guys have a lot of tools, but do you have one that convert a decimal number into a floating point? I am working on my own open DotA but I don't feel like recovering 160+ regions by hand... I know a lot about maps like you guys and if interested would like to join the team.

You should use some kind of mpq editor and move war3map.w3r (warcraft 3 regions) file to your map

posted at 30/06/07 18:17

Please can you deprotect the latest dota?
Please i need it.....
I have make a program that deprotects maps but i have a problem.......


posted at 22/06/07 08:54

Hey I am just wondering did you guys rename all the functions by hand?

Of course... not, most of names(about 2/3 of all) were generated based upon handwritten names, but it's still a hard work

posted at 19/06/07 18:33

If we merge the data from w3u, w3a, w3q, w3t into itemdata.slk, unitdata.slk, upgradedata, etc, and cut the junk away, will the game load faster?

any chance we can discuss more?


Just a little bit faster than original dota, you should better use optimized slk tables & txt files from opendota (without recovered object data) to get the best perfomance

posted at 12/06/07 19:40

Will the newer dota versions 6.44 / 6.44b be decrypted? No rush or anything, just curious.

Sooner or later this can happen, dear friend:) Possibly later...

posted at 12/06/07 04:29

too bad i can't use JASS >.< that wat I could see how the spells were made.

posted at 11/06/07 20:29

how do you restore units using winmpq ?

posted at 07/06/07 20:45

Please deprotect DotA Allstars v6.44b! Make it with open objects please!

Thank you!

posted at 05/06/07 10:38

Please deprotect dota allstars v6.44 Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted at 04/06/07 12:02

One question:
Will you "open" a new version of DotA with many changes - 6.44 ?

posted at 29/05/07 09:58

I want to know if what ability was used in kardel's take aim....

posted at 28/05/07 18:09

you need to understand JASS to learn.

posted at 24/05/07 11:27

I need an explanation for every trigger of the map

posted at 23/05/07 22:02

Please i need dota allstars v6.43b or v6.50 with open objects! Please help me! and send these maps!

posted at 03/05/07 13:17

Thanks for the Open Map...

I just want to know how to build experience...

posted at 30/04/07 23:55

Chocobo, i have tryed that, wat u said , still can not edit the file, same problem :/

posted at 27/04/07 08:38

Hi Wermuth, you should download that one with the recovered object data :)

posted at 26/04/07 20:52


Thanks alot for this open source, its very cool to finally have it.

However, i have a problem:
I cant edit or change a single thing, or the game will not be playable. I want to make some custom heros, for a LAN, where we are going to make our own heros, and stuff, but i cant, because then the game wont play, and WC freezes. Cant even move a tree, or moonwell. Any way to fix this?

posted at 18/04/07 04:24

nice work, now on 6.41, now i can really study new stuffs in dota that cant be find in 6.32.....thanks, i hope for GUI triggers next time lol

posted at 15/04/07 06:02

love Open dota.. learning a lot from it


posted at 13/04/07 04:07

How did you guys set the variables to match them from in the J file? I am having trouble with this. For example say etol (Tree of Life) is udg_unit19 in the J file. How would I set the the Tree of Life that is placed on the map to be udg_unit19? Thank you.

posted at 09/04/07 09:04

how does the item triggers in dota work?
i cant seem to combine items. the replace powerup buttons work but still cant combine items. what are the triggers needed from the dota open version map to combine recepies? can you give me a clue? can you help me God of Dota... thanks... or do email me..

posted at 03/04/07 14:22

i downloaded ur map, but when i add an object or edit the map in anyway it freezes when i run it?
what can i do?

posted at 02/04/07 12:09

I found the unproteced version of Dota Ai 6.38b. But I can't get access to the triggers. When I try to save it from the world editor, error came from the initCustomUnit() function. I checked the jass file but couldn't find the function at the reported the line number nor the function call nor the function itself. May someone kindly help me how to edit/add customized units, abilities and triggers? Thanks in advanced.

posted at 01/04/07 05:29

I'm not sure I understand you...
Inline wts strings or what?
How did I restore war3mapunits (units layer file) or what?

Like when I go inline the map, it turns out to be 1.25 GB big. I have tried both Vex's and WTS Inliner but the map still turns out that big. Yeah, how do I edit the war3mapunits.doo file so I can see preplaced buildings and such on the map. Also, what about viewing regions, I can recover them from the .j file, but if I place them on the map where they belong it doesn't work? I am mainly just concerned about the war3mapunits.doo about placing preplaced buildings and units on the map. Thank you for your response.

posted at 30/03/07 11:47

Can you un-protect the AI version? I am a newbie and I would like to learn more about the A.I. Thank you for your work.

We can consider doing this, but not in near future i reckon...

posted at 28/03/07 23:43

How can I import the spells? I imported all the functions, triggers and object data in my map and changed the codes and it still doesnґt work.
Could you give me some tips please?
Great job on OpenDota :)

posted at 28/03/07 18:47

NT and others who helpes to make this possible: THANKS VERY MUCH.
We are soo happy to know this site, and to know that some genius exist and help to get most of the game. With your geniuses at work, we can now have every ability/item from dota, and implement it in your map. THANKS FROM HEARTH.

posted at 25/03/07 19:33

Have you guys ever considered unprotecting an AI version? The AI is a bit outdated, its only version 6.38, but theres a lot people could learn from it.

posted at 25/03/07 15:58

When do you unprotect 6.43b?

posted at 14/03/07 10:29

i get dota list file now what shall i do to unprotect dota?

posted at 14/03/07 10:15

sorry for my douple message..but if i want to unprotect any map what shall i do?

posted at 14/03/07 10:11

some people tell me i must use wc3optimizer to speed my map save and load after import/export dota ability but i didn't know how i use it can you help me?

posted at 13/03/07 08:51


posted at 08/03/07 06:32

I'm not sure I understand you...
Inline wts strings or what?
How did I restore war3mapunits (units layer file) or what?

Like when I go inline the map, it turns out to be 1.25 GB big. I have tried both Vex's and WTS Inliner but the map still turns out that big. Yeah, how do I edit the war3mapunits.doo file so I can see preplaced buildings and such on the map. Also, what about viewing regions, I can recover them from the .j file, but if I place them on the map where they belong it doesn't work? I am mainly just concerned about the war3mapunits.doo about placing preplaced buildings and units on the map. Thank you for your response.

posted at 07/03/07 19:18

It's almost perfect, but some abilites have the standart data fields, not the one used in dota, or have just the first few levels correct(the burrowstrike impale for example). In 6.32 they were fine, but channel based spells didn't have the correct target types.

It's true, I fixed bugs with truesight- and channel-based abilities on Feb 27, you should download new version with recovered objects.

posted at 05/03/07 08:19

Is it just me or can I not inline the map? Also, how do you edit war3mapunits file? I am trying to figure it out but I can't. Any help would be thanked!

I'm not sure I understand you...
Inline wts strings or what?
How did I restore war3mapunits (units layer file) or what?

posted at 04/03/07 09:19

sry but can you add me :

Sorry, but I don't have IM =?

posted at 04/03/07 09:16

in your open dota map..if i export dota ability and import it in my map map will be slowly ... what shall i do?....

You should use Object Data optimization tool (like Widgetizer), at least you should use WTS inlining tool. Please, read first trigger in opendota map where.

posted at 03/03/07 16:34
ThE FeAr!

sry for dopple post but i have a deprotector that is made by nathamx and it don't work :S
pls help me

You should try x-deprotect ( ). It's in russian, but you may use it, just edit file x-dep.ini, line "inmapfile = ", type there path to your map.

posted at 03/03/07 16:32
ThE FeAr!

i have a reeeaalllllyyy boring question and i know sombody wouldn't help me but,...HOW CAN I DEPROTECT A MAP when the war3map.j isn't at place?!

posted at 02/03/07 02:46

Hi, I want to thank you for all the work you guys have done recently and in the past, I like to think myself as following in your footsteps. I'd like to know how to recover the war3map.doo if you don't mind explaining it. You can contact me at my email address, or via AIM/MSN/Yahoo
AIM: Xantan1smalls
Yahoo: Legat0_Blue_Summers

Please and thanks in advanced.

posted at 27/02/07 21:33

Fixed issues with objects based on Channel ability and objects which use detectionType field.

posted at 27/02/07 11:03

can you remove triks?or can i use dota map?
please answer

Could you explain wisely what are you talking about?!

posted at 26/02/07 15:41

Can you make a version available where all triggers are in gui?

No, this question was already covered in feedback section, please bother to read previous answers. Parts of game logic were coded full JASS, and no GUI version exists.

posted at 22/02/07 18:34

how i remove the tricks?

posted at 22/02/07 16:58

Sorry about double post, but what about implementing it online maybe? Say you want a listfile to a map and you upload it and the program processes it or something. It might not be possible but I think it would be a good idea. Thanks for all your guys hard work, now I know how hook is coded :)

No, we dont think this will be possible for various reasons. In-house utilities require constant support and update, thats why we are unable to publish them.

posted at 22/02/07 16:54

Thanks for the reply, but is there anyway to get it? I will give you babies...

posted at 22/02/07 06:42

How do I get a full list file for a map? MPQ Recover doesn't seem to do the trick. If I need any other tools other than that where can I get them??

1. MPQ Recover to recover most of the listfile
2. Script, that processes MPQ Recover results to cover rest of listfile. However, it's not availible to download.

posted at 21/02/07 19:04

Thx Guys. U are Gods.

np gl hf :)

posted at 21/02/07 09:21

thanks NETRAT aka NT for your answer :)....did you have anhotmail?if you have..can you gimve me it? :)

posted at 21/02/07 03:30

Netrat, the new uploaded map is bugged. Cannot open it. And it is only 1.9mb.. shouldn't it be about 2.9mb? Check it again. Shadow file error or something.

fixed, thanks for reporting.

posted at 21/02/07 03:26

Thanks NT. Appreciate all your hard work! I shall report back if I find anything, bugs ect.

posted at 20/02/07 14:38

Now updated version with recovered objects, fixed bugs with incomplete ability & buff data.

posted at 20/02/07 12:47

what is vex's optimizer ?is it programe ..if it is programe can you give me link?

I'm not sure if this is the latest version

posted at 20/02/07 11:11

*quote*if i import /export {dota ability}to my map..i found that save map and loading will be verry verry slow........*/quote*

I'm pretty sure its from the data not being inlined uberly. Try using vex's optimizer with the data inlining option checked on the map.

posted at 20/02/07 11:11

Wow, Netrat.. come to think of it.. I can now list 2 spells that don't work on Magina. Spell Shield and Mana Break.. I hope not all heroes are like this. : |

Thank you for bug report, bugs are now fixed. Ability and Buff data was incomplete (15 KB data lost). I am uploading fixed version, I think in a hour it will be availible for download.

posted at 20/02/07 10:35

How come I cannot access the 'abilities' in object editor? Are all the spells based of JASS!? Jesus!

Make sure you downloaded OpenDota with recovered object data (filename "DotA Allstars v6.41 Open Objects.w3x", check main page for download), objects can be edited in WE only in this version.

posted at 20/02/07 09:20

if i import /export {dota ability}to my map..i found that save map and loading will be verry verry slow........

you should use some kind of WTS inlining tools, for instance Vexorian Wc3 Map Optimizer (VexOpt) after you save your map in WE.

posted at 19/02/07 10:03

can anyone tell me how i take dota objects to my map? :)

It can be done via export/import objects or copy-paste to/from Campaign Editor

posted at 19/02/07 10:01

When is the Open Objects version coming out? : |

already done. I've finished with objects today, check main page

posted at 19/02/07 09:22

1-how i put listfile in mpqmaster?
2-how i copy all unit's and paste it in my map?

1. Put a listfile into your MPQ Master\Listfiles folder and restart MPQ Master. As for me, I use WinMPQ
2. If you want to simply export/import objects, you should
a) open Dota with recovered objects
b) export all object data via main menu of object editor (or how is this window called in english WE)
c) open your map and import all object data from file where you exported it
Note that if you do so, your original object data (in your map) will be lost and replaced with Dota object data. If you don't want this, you should use another methods, like Campaign Editor or special utility like MPQ Object Merge (sorry, in russian only)

posted at 18/02/07 15:37

Yoo, Great job Honestly ! i know it take too much time to do what u did so thanks !!

posted at 18/02/07 09:42

Hey thanks so much! Is there a way where I can get a tutorial for this? Also, I would be willing to donate too!

posted at 15/02/07 18:02

Yeah nevertheless thanks for your effort and hard work, it was nicely done .... and looking forward for the AI version of AI+ or CLoud ... :)

posted at 14/02/07 15:04
Thanatos_820 / K9_Felravager

The triggers are not in GUI and in JASS format?!? You've got to be kidding me.....I wished that the JASS was recontructed so I could read it perfectly...otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.

Learn Jass, an ultimate Warcraft 3 scripting tool.
To say truth, it's impossible to convert everything to GUI, because most of used functions doesn't exist in GUI version, and a lot of triggers were originally coded in Jass, simply, there is NO GUI equivalent for the most of functions. That's why it's not an original Dota, but recovered version.

posted at 13/02/07 22:54

Gratz! The long wait was finally rewarded:) Stay tuned for future updates!!!

posted at 12/02/07 14:45

Check homepage for OpenDota 6.41

posted at 12/02/07 13:16

> where can I get the wts inlining tool?
Vexorian's optimizer. Google it.

posted at 10/02/07 18:04

Hey is it possible for you to create the open project 6.38b with AI+..... I was wondering how the AI was done, or Cloud AI.. thx

we are going to release OpenDota 6.41 first
certainly, I have some ideas about it, maybe later...

posted at 08/02/07 09:27

How did you recover the war3map.w3i file? &#13;&#10;The creators corrupted it somehow and I can't figure out how to hex-edit it to work

war3map.w3i file in corrupted version ends with 0xFF byte, to repair it, you should replace this byte with sequence 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 (4 zeros)

posted at 21/01/07 17:18

where can I get the wts inlining tool? Am asking nicely. :)

posted at 19/12/06 15:58

If you can't understand Custom Script then don't bother going intro a map like this, you probably just want to steal it. DotA is mostly made in Jass and even if some things weren't then the protection destroyed it.

posted at 28/11/06 10:10

yeah i guess so...
at least for now we got no time to continue work on this stuff, sry
but 6.32b is better than nothing anyway, lots people can learn spells and stuff from it

posted at 24/11/06 17:54

It probably is dead or slowed, but at least we have 6.32b available open source, and thats great.

posted at 17/11/06 09:14

Is this totaly dead or what!?!?

posted at 12/11/06 00:16

Ack! I cant understand the weird triggers. They are all text based. Im not a programmer, so, is there any version with simple warcraft triggers that normal people can understand?

posted at 29/10/06 21:22

Is there anyway I can get a tutorial on how to do this?

posted at 25/10/06 19:01
Unknown Name

I'm glad that you did this, it helped me a lot to figure out how they made the mad. But I would really like to get my hands on the AI script they use, is there any chance that it will be out soon?

posted at 19/10/06 00:03

haha i just dl dota:P all is custom triggers....
whats the point with unprotected if all is custom tirggers i like can.t GUI and JASS and c language? so like:P im dumb xD

posted at 12/10/06 16:38

will the next version include the own objects like some shops or the towers? Imo they only come up in the trigger editor ;X

posted at 19/09/06 07:37

lol i guess so:)))

posted at 13/09/06 14:08

sry for spamming ^^, but I just tried the map with recovered data without installing any tool. The map nethertheless loads in >4 min without lagging or anything. Do I have a supercomp :) ?

posted at 13/09/06 13:51

hmm could you say me what a WTS inlining tool is, or where I can download one?


posted at 06/09/06 17:07

Actually, NETRAT is back so i guess there soon will be project update:) Sorry for long wait...

posted at 04/09/06 22:15

ah I just read the post of XGM....

posted at 04/09/06 19:45

are you gonna unprotect the new version or are you taking a break imo :) ?

posted at 14/08/06 23:02

Thanks very much. Im so happy to found out about this site. You guys are incredible, we apreciate your work. Thanks again.

posted at 12/08/06 17:38

Just a bit of info.
One of the active project contributors (NETRAT | NT) is temporarily inactive, when he returns from his summer vacation the new opendota versions will be released. Stay tuned;)

posted at 03/08/06 06:31

wow, nice work... now I can make my own map... just like DoTA, but different concept...

posted at 30/07/06 01:41

can you unprotect other popular aos maps such as tob, aom, dday etc?

Actually i dont think we would do this, we are interested only in highly complicated JASS systems such as DotA`s, that also offer some challenge for our team, and well-known in modmaking community. DotA deprotection can help a lot of people study JASS, but deprotecting other less famous maps obviously can be less effective. Anyway, if you are interested in some particular technology/effect used in some map, u can always contact our team and get some help.

posted at 01/07/06 10:26

Can you upprotect DotA v6.34 ?

Yeah...after project leader returns from Africa...

posted at 28/06/06 08:09

Excellent job!
When do you suppose you can get the latest version sourced? (DotA Allstars v6.33 AI or higher)

Hmm you know, me thinks when we get to it, we`ll deal with 6.34 or so...:)
Stay tuned, new&improved versions coming soon...

posted at 22/06/06 04:02

Good job guys!

posted at 20/06/06 18:37

Waiting for v6.33 & v6.33b....

posted at 13/06/06 15:28

Eventually you will realise the folly in releasing a map to the general public and expecting them to not steal it. When DotA took a brief lapse after 5.84b it took a lot of work and an intelligent person to release 5.84c. You've just made it that much easier for some newb to come along and make their own version if it looks like IceFrog will be sick for a week and unable to edit anything. Good Job at making it just that much easier for DotA to plunge into oblivion that much faster.

posted at 07/06/06 13:01

Why is the map empty? It would be nice if there is already ready items and heroes exactly or similar to the real one.

posted at 25/05/06 13:22

хай нерат! ну вы и дйоте! :D

posted at 23/05/06 05:08

finally. and good that was made by russians)

posted at 23/05/06 03:19

That's only my opinion, but in every playable map you can find something interesting, something that you may wish to reproduce by self, in your map...

I just wanna say that where is the will, there is the way

posted at 22/05/06 17:24

In my oppinion it's a bit sad... To know that not the realms will be even more flooded with maps you don't wanna play... I hate DotA..

posted at 13/05/06 23:46

I hope this will increase quality of mapmaking. When someone asks "How to make (*smthng*) like in DotA?", u can answer "Why don't you download DotA Open and look how it is done?!"

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